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        Painting exhibition captures idyllic beauty of Dali
        Paintings on show hail all things beautiful
        Show displays China's ancient mural painting
        Chen?Danqing's Tibetans series?go on?show?in?Beijing
        Online show welcomes World Migratory Bird Day
        Beijing exhibition examines new developments in painting
        Hot Issue

        Preserving poetry's charm

        The English translations of poems by four renowned Tang Dynasty (618-907) poets have recently been published, allowing these literary masterpieces to be appreciated in lands beyond China.

        Hot Issue

        Zongzi more than just a summer holiday treat

        How to hold a reed leaf was just one of the things I learned one evening in my mother-in-law's kitchen in rural Zhejiang province, as she schooled me and my husband Jun in a delicious family tradition.

        Hot Issue

        Guide to symphonic voice and global recognition

        For 10 years, the baton of in-house maestro Lyu Jia has helped guide the NCPA Orchestra to find its own symphonic voice and achieve global recognition, Chen Nan reports.

        Hot Issue

        An author as good as his word

        Yu Hua seems to relish criticism but his stories appeal to a growing readership, Liu Yongliang reports.


        Documentary reveals the truth of Xinjiang's religious freedom

        Covering a vast area of more than 1.66 million square kilometers, the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region is home to many ethnic groups, harmoniously coexisting and following different religions over generations.


        What's on

        Ancient Chinese people saw flowers as a microcosm of the great universe, allowing them a glimpse into the rules of nature.

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