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'Hamlet' actors stage a triumph

2021-05-20 08:00

Tibetan students draw praise for their production of one of Shakespeare's most famous plays.

Bronze horses, chariots from Qin Dynasty get new home

2021-05-13 07:11

If China's first emperor, Qinshihuang of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), were still alive, he might notice that some elements of his underground army have left their Terracotta Warrior comrades this week.

Documentary's sneak viewings play to a packed house

2021-04-29 15:23

Seats were fully booked weeks before The Dakini Code: Lotus-Born Master and the Event Horizon's sneak previews ran at the Auspicious Thanka Gallery in Beijing's 798 Art Zone from April 25-26.

Nine cyber celebrity bookstores in Beijing

2021-04-26 10:59

The list includes a 24-hour bookstore with books of various categories, a bookshop with modern interior design and a reading area for children, and one with fantastic views out its windows.

Is Shaanxi capital of Xi'an?

2021-04-25 15:19

It was late in the evening and I was walking with a group of foreign journalists in a market in Shangluo city on the first day of our four-day international media tour to Shaanxi province in northwestern China.

Bridging China and the world with art

2021-03-23 11:16

The China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd (CAEG), the nation's largest promoter of arts and culture exchanges, turned 70 in 2020. In a recent interview, CAEG chairman Li Jinsheng talked to Chinaculture.org about the group's history, achievements and big plans.

CCTSS translation workshop established in Beijing

2021-03-22 14:54

On March 19, the CCTSS Translation Workshop was officially launched in the press room of the Museum of Classics and Books of the National Library of China.

Translation workshop set up to celebrate China-Pakistan ties

2021-03-11 16:53

On March 10, the Sino-Pakistani Translation Workshop, jointly organized by Chinese Culture Translation & Studies Support Network, Social Science Literature Publishing House and Beyond the Horizon PVT Media Co., Ltd., was launched in Beijing.

Confucius Museum keeps tradition alive

2021-02-26 08:07

The art and significance of Chinese intangible culture are taking on new forms to enhance modern life and are consequently gaining new fans.

Plucking the trend

2021-02-25 10:10

Festival's online gambit pays off as more students tune in to master musical instruments like pipa and the harp.

Exhibition celebrates ox's role in culture

2021-02-25 08:12

Beijing art exhibition celebrates the ox's role in Chinese culture.

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